Pilates is a challenging low impact full body workout which focuses on strengthening the core and improving joint flexibility.

In order to lead healthy lives we need to be able to stand tall with efficiency. Pilates will help you become more aware of your posture, flexibility and muscle strength. 

Pilates has been known to help with lower back pain and injury rehabilitation. Classes can be done in a group or one to one and are designed to help improve your mental health and wellbeing.

Personal Training

Personal training isn’t just about weight loss or working towards a specific event. A personal trainer will help you exercise correctly, provide information on nutrition and play a part in helping you to achieve your overall fitness goals. 

Setting goals will help you stay motivated to exercise and benefit you by improving your overall body function. You will notice a difference in your resting heart rate and less effort required to do tasks like walking up a flight of stairs.

Regular exercise helps prevent health related diseases such as heart conditions and type 2 diabetes.  Having a personal trainer will ensure you perform the exercises correctly which will prevent injury and provide the motivation to help improve your mood and wellbeing.